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Here's what you get with Whales English
  • Academic Support

    Ongoing career development and
    continuous, tailored academic
    support to enable personalized
    learning in the classroom

  • World-Class Curriculum

    Quality curriculum developed
    in accordance with current
    CCSS and CEFR standards

  • Strong Job Security

    Fixed schedule and stable
    income plus strong self-fulfillment

Real People. Real Experience.
  • Teacher Vanessa

    A Whales English teacher
    since 2018

    The reason why I think Whales English is so special, is because we teach more than just English. We instill a greater awareness of the world around, we encourage children to reach higher and do the best that they can, not just in English, but in every aspect of their life. We are more than just teachers, we are life coaches. I can honestly say, I love my job.
  • Teacher Andrew

    A Whales English teacher
    since 2018

    It’s been a pretty amazing two years. I feel very thankful for being part of a community full of such talented teachers. I can honestly say that Whales has been very good to me and has been a major positive in my life for the last few years. Teaching is always going to have good days and bad days but it would be so much harder if I had no one to share the highs and lows.
  • Teacher Damaris

    A Whales English teacher
    since 2019

    I can live in a foreign country with my husband. We can travel the world and take our work with us. My pay is very consistent. The children make the job so rewarding, I have forgotten all about office politics and rush hour traffic. WE listens to their teachers’ suggestions and makes us feel valued. They push us to continue to grow as teachers and not to be stagnant in our teaching style.